Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Best Weekend Ever...for my husband!!!

So, Lance just got back from such a fun weekend. A dream weekend for him. He went to visit his sister and her family in Dallas and to see his two favorite college teams play at his favorite professional team's stadium. He said it was like seeing Atlantis or like being the boy in Willy Wonka who saw the chocolate fountain. Anyway, so fun. For a while, we didn't think it would work out for a few reasons, but in the end it worked out perfectly. He hasn't taken many trips and this was a hard trip to beat. His sister knew how much he would love it and what it would mean to him, so she saved him a game ticket. My brother sent him an airline ticket (compliments of his job and generosity) and off Lance went Thursday morning. He texted and called several times throughout the weekend and I could tell he was having a great time. He had so much fun hanging out with Rainie and family. He also came back with some examples for our kids of how well cousins listen to their parents. It was back to the daily grind this morning, but he had the best weekend! Thank you Rainie, Chris, and Ben for Lance's awesome weekend!!!!