Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kamryn is 10!

Kamryn turned 10 on December 10th! She was so excited because my mom had been telling her how special her birthday was--that it was her grand birthday--because she was turning 10 on the 10th. Kamryn has always seemed much older to me than she really is, ever since she was a baby. She has always been so wise and mature for her age. It seems now that her age is catching up with her and it seems that 10 fits her quite well.
We asked what she wanted to do for her birthday. All she wanted was to have one of her good friends come over and hang out for pizza and Hannah Montana viewing and singing and dancing to CDs. So the Friday before her birthday that's what she did. Then on her birthday night, Halli and Zack stayed home with a sitter while Lance and I took Kamryn to Olive Garden for a birthday dinner and to Claire's to pick out nail polish and a Hannah Montana journal. Kamryn thought it was so funny to have her dad in the girly store looking at earrings, nail polish, and hair things.
As we tucked Kamryn in bed that night, I asked if her 10th birthday was as great as she had anticipated for so long. She said it was even better! We had one happy 10 year old!
I am grateful Kamryn is our daughter and our family is blessed to have her.


Alli said...

Happy Birthday Kamryn!!!

The Grahams said...

Oh I love it when their grateful. What was your magic secret, I need to give my kids some grateful meds.