Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jaxon John Morris

I have been waiting until I had the time and energy to add pictures from Kam's birthday, write about Christmas and add Christmas pictures, and write about the arrival of our newest family member. Well, I have now realized that energy will not be here for a while and Amy suggested I just start from where we are right now. So, where we are is that our new little guy is here! Jaxon John was born January 20--inauguration day--at 7:36 pm. He weighed 8 lbs 2 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. He was born with lots of dark hair. And today he is 6 weeks old!! These have been the fastest flying weeks ever! Jaxon is a sweet baby. He loves to snuggle. He likes to be held and as soon as we pick him up, he curls into a ball. He didn't cry for the first few weeks--he just squeaked and squealed. When Halli's teacher asked Halli to tell the class about her new brother, she said, "He has lots of dark hair and squeals like a girl." Until now I was a little sad about the age gap between our first three children and Jaxon, but now I realize how great it is. I have big amazing helpers and Jaxon gets in his cuddle time. I have also had requests from Halli to please let her know when Jax has a dirty diaper and to please not change it without her. What more can I ask for? We have a healthy new baby and helpers to go around!


Kristel said...

Great to hear from you the other night. Keep posting. It is great to hear how everyone is doing since we are so far away.

The Grahams said...

Megan, a new post and a cute blog! I heart Jaxon John!