Saturday, June 27, 2009

Is That What He Thinks?

Usually Zack does a pretty good job staying in bed once we tuck him in. A few nights ago, this was not the case. It was either his 14th or 15th time getting out of bed and he finally voiced his real frustration after coming up with many creative excuses. He said in desperation, "I just want to be an adult and stay up late and watch bad movies!" It would have seemed so funny to me at the time except that I wondered about the bad movie part. Does he think we watch bad movies and why does he think that, and what is his definition of bad movies? Lance and I were watching Valkyrie and paused it each of the 16 or 17 times Zack came in the room. So he had no idea the content of the movie or any other movie we watch since there is always the push of the pause button to attend to whichever child walks in needing something. So, I guess there needs to be a follow-up conversation. My only response was, "I just want to be a child and have someone stay up doing all the chores and make me go to bed." Not a very good response. Lance's response was more creative..."Well, if you stay in bed, you and I will switch places this weekend and you can be the Dad and make me go to bed and you can stay up late." I'm glad Zack didn't follow his part of the deal and instead got out of bed 2 more times, or we would have a 6 year old still up at midnight tonight.


Rainie said...

You and your bad movies. I think my kids must feel that same way. I to would love to trade places, sign me up for lots of time-outs and naps.

Aj's crazy days said...

Thats awesome, we always pause the tv when KO comes in. I love that you're posting, I stink and need to get back on the ball. I'm a month and 1/2 behind again alreaady.

Keep it up!!! I love to hear the buzz from astoria park!!!

Tolmans said...

Ahhahahahahaha.... love it!! You guys and your bad movies. I love it!! What do you think he will be like when he is older??!!