Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The new Jaxon!

So I am full of good intentions, but not following through. Kristel and Sarah both mentioned I need to update, so here is at least a Jaxon update. He is almost 7 months and these photos are from the last couple months. He lost his full head of dark hair and was looking bald with a comb-over. Now his hair is starting to grow back in and look even again. The newest hair is looking blonde. He is a smiley guy and adores his sisters and brothers. He has had 3 ear infections in the last 4 months, but doesn't complain much. At his 6 month check up he weighed 18 lbs!! He still doesn't beat Zack at a whopping 19 1/2 pounds at 6 months. Jaxon is so fun and the time is going by way too fast!


Tolmans said...

oh thank you!! i just love him. love you too! squeeze everyone for me!

Carrie said...

I need to find out what you feed your boys so mine will start growing like that!! Your kids are so adorable & everyone is getting so big! We need Sarah back to keeps all updated & together!