Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Christmas...2 months later

I have been thinking I should add to our blog for the last 3 months, but there is always a miniature person or chore that needs my attention. Anyway, we had such a great Christmas. It was so simple and so quiet and so perfect. I remember last Christmas thinking "Next year we will have an almost 1 year old. How strange..." And then all of a sudden, it was Christmas again and we had an almost 1 year old. It was just the 6 of us and we had a late start to the day and a slow morning. We did very little for Christmas this year, so there wasn't a pile of gifts. I think we will make that a new tradition. It was so nice to slowly open presents and let the kids just play and enjoy and appreciate the gifts they received. We talked with family members and one of the best things about the day was a call from my brother Matt, who is in Afghanistan for a while. It was so wonderful to hear his voice and be reminded of what is really important at Christmastime and all the time. I love Christmas--the music, the lights, the spirit it brings, the peace, the fireplace going when it's cold outside, watching each child's face as they open the gift they have been hoping for, being together, no work or school. It's my favorite time of year.

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Kristel said...

The low key, lazy morning is my kind of Christmas.