Thursday, June 3, 2010

The end of Elementary School

Today Lance and I watched our children walk to the bus. They were so excited for school today--the last day--field day--water games day--I don't need a backpack day. We waved bye to them and told them to have a blast. Watching Kamryn walk away was a little sad and a little exciting. Today is her last day of elementary school. Yesterday was her 5th grade graduation. It was really great. She was so happy. She had a good year, with the exception of a life lesson, and had a good teacher. She is ready to move on. A couple months ago I thought I wasn't ready for her to move on, but that changed when we went to the middle school open house last month. It was an awesome experience for her and seeing her face light up at everything about middle school changed my sadness into excitement for her. So, this morning, yes I had a twinge of sadness watching my first baby walk to the elementary school bus for the last time. But...the fun is just about to begin for Kamryn!


Rainie said...

Oh, this makes me sad. I don't think I want my kids to grow up, I'm glad you get to experience it first to coach me through it.

Aj's crazy days said...

What happened to my kam-a-ram. How exciting for her to be taking the next step in life. Next year will be a first for us both, Kindergarten for me and Middle School for you. We should start the first time for moms club!

Bryce and Valerie Waite said...

Megan isn't life crazy! Emily starts Kindergarden this year! Wow Kids do grow! eaven if we don't want them to! How are you? I love your blog it is so cute!~