Saturday, August 25, 2012

We just finished our first week of school.  The summer went by so fast and it was fun-- day camp, girls' camp, 4th of July in Idaho Falls, funnest cousin time, staying with grandparents, and roaring springs 3 times, one of those times with cousins. Everyone is happy so far and it looks like a great school year...5 days in.  It's Kamryn's last year of middle school.  She's in 8th grade and is trying out new things, one of which is being a T.A. for one of her favorite teachers from 6th grade. She had to pick between this and choir, and so far she thinks it was a great choice.  Halli is in 7th grade and when asked what the best part is so far, she replied, "not being the youngest grade at the school."  Halli made the volleyball team after 3 days of rigorous try outs.  She said it's so bad, worse than P90x, and she loves it.  I didn't question that, just smiled.  A fun thing about this year is that Kamryn and Halli have 7th period together--computers.  Zack is in 4th grade and is a guy of little answers, but says he likes his new teacher and is happy about some of his friends being in his class. Jaxon is enjoying hanging out and doesn't seem to be too bored with me yet, but there's time.  Happy New School Year to everyone!

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