Thursday, October 29, 2009

Class Pet

A few weeks into school, Kam's teacher asked if I would come in each week so Jaxon and I could listen to students read. As we were talking, the teacher said the class had been asking if they could have a class pet. During the conversation, she got the idea that maybe instead of a class pet, they could have a class baby...Jaxon. This was a great idea because Jaxon is a class favorite already. Any time we walk into the classroom, we hear Jaxon's name being called from many different directions and the students start to swarm him. So I told her he could definitely be the class baby, but he could also be considered the class pet since he has found his voice and likes to growl and make all sorts of noises. So now Mrs. Sprague's 5th grade class has a class pet and a class baby all in one!

1 comment:

Kristel said...

He makes a really cute class pet.