Thursday, October 29, 2009

Zack is 7!

Zack is 7! His day started out with the traditional cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs and unwrapping of gifts. It was a school day, which is a gift in itself since he loves school and would live in Mrs. Adamson's class if he could. I took treats into his class that afternoon and the highlight was picking friends to help pass them out. Then when we got home, Lance surprised Zack by coming home early. The big surprise of the day was going to see Where the Wild Things Are. Zack really liked it! Not everyone agreed, but the birthday boy loved it. Then we quickly hit McDonalds half price night on the way home so we could come home for cupcakes and ice cream. Zack had requested a spider cake for his birthday, but seemed to be happy with spooky cupcakes instead.

Some of Zack's favorite things right now...

Playing with cousins and friends



Playing outside

Writing stories


NOT soccer

Making everyone laugh

Being lots of different characters in a matter of minutes

...Happy Birthday Zack! We love you!

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Kristel said...

Happy Birthday Zack! We are slackers with birthdays. We hope you enjoyed that special day.