Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Best Halloween!

Lance, Kamryn, Halli, Zack and I all agree---this Halloween was the best ever! We spent it with grandparents, and cousins. My kids thought it was the greatest thing to go trick or treating with their cousins in their neighborhood. There were so many decked out houses, "the best candy," and we were with lots of family. We had such a fun night. Thanks family!
The kids didn't have school on Halloween, so their parties were Thursday at school. They each had a great time and got too much junk to eat. Then they were ready the next day for more fun and more junk. I copied my sister in law's idea of letting the kids just eat their candy til it's gone instead of letting them have a little at a time. Well, Zack's is almost gone. He has enjoyed the lack of restrictions on when he can eat candy---he only has to wait til after breakfast and can't eat candy right before dinner. The rest of the time is fair game. Our candy addicted guy loved it and still does, although the excitement has died down a little. He still looks at me to make sure he seriously can eat it freely though. Kam and Halli still have full bags of candy compared to Zack's handful of candy. I do have to say though, that my little boy who doesn't care to share usually, has shared as much candy as he has eaten himself. The trash can has enjoyed a little itself too. Lance's favorite holiday is Halloween, so he is already mourning Pete the Pirate who was on our lawn with a glowing heart. We will all soon recover from the excitement of Halloween.

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