Saturday, November 1, 2008

Summer Is Here

I have been contemplating starting a blog for a long time. The biggest perk I saw was having some sort of journal to look back on since I don't write in one. My sisters-in-law have blogs and I absolutely love reading them. So, here I am, the last day of school, realizing I really wish I had recorded so many of the fun memories of this past school year. Kamryn just finished third grade, Halli finished 2nd, and Zack graduated preschool a couple weeks ago. It seems just last year that Kamryn was in preschool and I was juggling Halli and Zack as I walked Kam in and out of her little school, thinking how big and grown up she seemed. The highlights of the end of school for the kids were the following: Zack got an award for being the class friend. His teacher explained that he was a good friend to everyone and that each child in the class wanted to sit by "Zack Attack" at snack time, circle time, and any other time. Halli was in a 2nd grade spelling bee with 70 students this week and won the entire thing. Her winning word was "invasion." Kamryn and Halli danced in a school talent show and did amazing. They clogged to "Everybody Dance Now." Kamryn finished a year of being a top reader and an unofficial tutor for the students in her class.

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From the beehive said...

I LOVE that you're blogging again! Can't wait for more!